Timing is everything…

Hello old friends, or maybe some of you are new.

It’s been a while…and by a while, I mean a good few years.

As seems to be have been a trend of annus horriblis 2016, 2017, 2018, who was I but to follow suit.

A break up, a bout of glandular fever, and then visa waiting limbo, it feels like 2019 has finally been the break in the clouds, the sun has popped out and I’m kind of left wondering…well, just wondering.

Wondering what to do next, wondering what the next move should be, wondering if I’ll ever nail not succumbing to carbs on Saturday nights (no I know, I won’t, I’m OK with that, because…CARBS people.)

And I feel I’ve come a little bit of a full circle. I’ve taken a couple of run ups at this blog/business/brand/idea, and the intention is always there but then, well, you know, life.

But now, after deciding to leave my lovely job of the last four years, I’m now thinking that Moloko may just have been right…the time really could be now.

Look, the last three years haven’t been all bad. I became a yoga teacher, I learnt reiki, I gained a nephew, I gained a family of friends, I’ve travelled, I’ve done some pretty fun stuff.

And I’m at an age (33 and proud of the silver threads I’m earning on the daily) where I know a bit too much and the hiding places are getting fewer, or at least smaller.

So I guess this is a blog to say, I’m back.


How are you?

How have your last three years been? Let me know…I need inspiration for these musings so if I can chuck in my pennies worth on helping out, then I want to.

So what do you want to know/hear/see/think/feel? Comment below, or pop me an email on jolippold@hotmail.co.uk.

Love x

The Architects of our own Future Part One

I’ve always been a people pleaser. Maybe because I have always loved people and so making them happy, I thought would make me happy. Wrong. It is wholly unsustainable to make other people happy, nor is it in fact possible. People make themselves happy. Let me redefine that. People can bring joy, connection, companionship, love and respect to others, but to truly make someone happy? Impossible. We have to make ourselves happy. We can only make ourselves happy.

I spent years and years trying to make someone else happy. I’m not even sure I knew specifically who it even was. A mysterious ideal maybe, of what I should be doing, saying, being. What bullshit. I was so far into it, getting more miserable with ever fleeting glimpses of true joy and pleasure in my own sense of self that I was fading. And fast. This made me so…angry. God I was mad, raging red and full of hot hot heat. It was THEIR fault, not mine. Why can’t THEY be more this or less that. Why aren’t they trying to make ME happy when I am so clearly trying to make them happy. Aren’t THEY happy yet? Haven’t I done enough? Where is my reward and glory?

It has taken me literally YEARS to realise that there was NOTHING ANYBODY could have done. Why?

Because I was so desperately disconnected to myself, I wasn’t even sure I knew how to make myself happy, what did I even like that went beyond a face and façade of the escapism found in another bottle of wine, take-away box or packet of cigarettes. Watching mindless television or unmemorable nights spent in pubs or racing round town getting to the third social engagement of the night. Keeping ‘busy’.

I was exhausted. I was so tenderly, twistedly, tormented by running on the spot truly believing that I was getting somewhere, anywhere. Further up the ladder, further away from the low level, increasingly high level anxiety. The unchanging landscape of my life left me bored out of my mind, punctuated only by euphoric moments on recreational drugs with my best friends who were probably in their own sinking ships, where the serotonin flooding my brain cleared enough space for me to feel. TO FEEL. That THIS is what it is about – connection on a tangible, tactile, close, basic level. Proximity to love and tribal community was but a whisper and it felt like home.

But the crashing come down and hangover only impacted harder with the crushing reality of a new week starting, the post-holiday blues kicking in and it all beginning again. Like you’d never been away. Never skipped a beat.

Suffering silently behind the smoking and laughing and alcohol blurred benders of being a ‘laugh’ and ‘loud’ and ‘fun’.

I was in serious trouble. I had to do something.

Like a lighthouse in a perfect storm I saw a lifeline and knew from somewhere else that this was my chance. I went to a festival that cracked me open just a chink. Enough to let the light flood in and bathe my aching soul. I had to DO something. That was it. ACTION. It must be taken, because when you are so shit scared and the two options laid out bare in front of you are carry on and die or finally stop and do something else. Change the course, reroute, turn HARD LEFT.

I quit. I had so much tied up with my job and what I had laid at its feet to fix for me and my own sense of identity that one or the other had to go. Job or sense of self. Pick. I chose self. The wild woman is not dead yet…merely sleeping a long fucking deep arsed sleep.

I was bruised and blaming. THEY were still at fault, I was free-falling and winging every tiny thing.

Book the flight. Go. Fly. Gain ground and time and distance. PERSPECTIVE. Go live in the future where they have sunshine in their voices and smiles in the sea.

Life Lessons – #1. when you are laid bare take a bloody good look

Image credit - Pinterest
Image credit – Pinterest

I was twenty and although I had had relationships before this was my first soul-cracking-crazy-making-in-LOVE love. And it was over.

I was heart broken, but I realised I was also someone that I didn’t particularly like, or know any more. I hurt, but I had also hurt. Badly. Deeply. Irreparably.

It took a long time to heal from that relationship, in part because at the time my young heart was new to attempting to keep the world together on the outside, whilst taking a long hard look at myself on the inside.

I realised that sometimes you have to hit two extremes to work out where your centre is. That balance is not about staying on the straight and narrow but a see-saw of exchange between you, and the outside world. And sometimes, you and the inside world too.

I learnt to be careful with my own heart, but also to be careful with someone else’s and the things that you forget can be kept and clung to in their memory, if maybe forgotten in yours.

I learnt that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides, and for all you can throw out, it can be thrown back in equal measure.

Love is love. Forgiveness is forgiveness. No matter what skirt you dress it up in.

Scar tissue isn’t there to be buried but to be celebrated. When the light catches it by chance and a silver sliver is just caught out of the corner of your eye, cheer it on. Send out the love and the luck and the wishes, a thousand times over. It is a lesson.

I learnt acceptance and in the glorious sadness of it all, I became someone so much stronger, and yet softer, than before.

It changed me forever and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Image credit: Wikipedia
Image credit: Wikipedia

Courage is creativity

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/FightForEquality?fref=photo
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/FightForEquality?fref=photo

I quote this from a dear friend of mine who said this. It’s a tool to use when the gremlins of self-doubt and fear pipe up, to which you simply respond ‘I call bullshit.’.

Short, to the point and just the tonic to silence those pesky voices of negativity.

I also love it because it really rings true. This very week in fact I had a wobble…one that was about the usual wobbly things…you know, money (lack of), direction (lack of), feeling like a failure/ imposter (in abundance). Because what would I have to offer anyone? Little old me. And then this little sentence popped up…’I CALL BULLSHIT’.

Effective no?

The truth is no matter how shit we think we are, or how small we feel like playing it, there is something so much bigger than our fear out there; our courage.

Courage is not being showy or false, it is not putting on a mask and ignoring intuition. Courage is knowing that we are imperfect beings with huge limitations BUT also infinite possibility. It’s about calling bullshit on those gremlins and going out there and beaming your light for all to see as brightly as you can.

Sometimes we nail it, other times we don’t, the courage comes from trying, playing around, mixing it up and experimenting some more and then trying again.

Beyond where we thought we could go and where we actually can is where the good stuff lies.

Courage is creativity.

Creativity is our own unique expression of how we see the world. And that only comes around once. Make it count.

Want know more about how I can help you to tell your Gremlins to do one? Or how we can dig deep and find some creative tinder…and maybe even some courage? Comment “BALLS PLEASE” below…

Shine on.



Get some Headspace


Short fuses and impatience has been common place in my life for…well…ever really.

About ten years ago, it came to pass that what was an initial impatience became a quite serious jump into all out frustration and yes I hate to say it but total irrational losing it like a crazy lady.

This, coupled with developing crippling anxiety and stress at the ripe old age of twenty six, all came to a bit of a climax during, what is kindly referred to by myself and my fella as ‘Black February’.

Seriously as fun as it sounds (Bruce Willis would have headlined should it have been a film).

In short I’d lost my shit and was in serious trouble.

So imagine my little ‘I’m-actually-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time-maybe-I-should-listen’ radar went off when I found out that Andy Puddicombe – founder of Headspace would be a speaker at a festival I was going to (the Do Lectures)

I’d heard of Headspace before and had even downloaded the app (that obviously means I should get the benefits by iPhone osmosis no?) However never actually had found those 10 minutes to stop, until about two years ago.

When, and get this….it was when I recommended to a friend that she should try it because she felt like she was losing her shit on a regular basis and couldn’t calm down. Ah…I can certainly dish out the good advice…

So, time to put the mind where the mouth was and Take 10 for 10 days.

It was the best spent 10 minutes. EVER.

There was a definite ‘No shit Sherlock’ moment when I realised that BECAUSE I was short tempered, irrational, anxious occasionally, and had a fish-like memory,  that meditation was EXACTLY what I needed.

Now I will admit that I am partial to a bit of incense every now and then and don’t have an issue with chanting or getting in touch with my chakra’s however I know plenty of people who do and this is what makes Headspace so truly magic.

There are no bells or chanting, you don’t have to be able to sit in a lotus position, hell you don’t even have to sit on the floor. It’s simply Mr Puddicombe talking you through what to focus on; your breath – something we ALL HAVE TO DO all the time anyway to stay alive.


I am proud to say that I have taken 10, I have taken 15, hell I’ve even taken 20 and am now further into the plethora of series on offer,  and it has sincerely changed my life.

Sure I still get annoyed, however I know now that it will pass, that it’s just a thought or a feeling, that everyone has them and that’s OK and to simply LET IT GO.

So if you have a spare two minutes – download the app and give it a go. Isn’t it time you got some head space?

Have you ever tried meditation? What do you think?


Jo x

Sunday Sermon


image credit by bamsesayaka on Flickr

Which I guess is related to the larger umbrella of lack of outward thinking and perspective. I would love to change peoples view of the world, how they see themselves, and operate in it. I’d love to see people realise their potential and regain their relationship with nature. So often we can go entire days, or weeks even, without connecting to the natural world. That nature and greenery stand out so much in a city; a habitat most of us dwell in these days, speaks of the power it holds when trees and plants are they thing that you connect to most. If I could, I would make people spend 20 minutes outside every day, doing nothing more than simply being outside and really looking at the world around them.