30 days of boldness…

Alex Israel Thirty

Image credit Alex Israel

I’ve just signed up to participate in the wonderful Jo Casey’s 30 day boldness challenge. In honour of being bold and starting the challenge I have written a list (oh I love a good list) of 30 things I am trying to remember, practice, believe in and live every day, 365 days of the year…

1) Find the story
2) The path of most resistance will set you free
3) Fear = Go
4) Start small, but start
5) In the particular lies the universal
6) The thinking is in the doing
7) Search for purpose
8) Don’t chase coin
9) Beauty is above all
10) Trust
11) Be open
12) Be positive
13) Have fun
14) Play
15) Love freely
16) Make good art
17) You decide
18) Collect inspiration all around you
19) Be sincere
20) Be truthful
21) Authenticity leads to abundance
22) Keep your word
23) Be patient, be persistent, be committed
24) Create a relationship not a transaction
25) ‘With meaning, doing comes alive’
26) Stay curious
27) Open up
28) Meditate
29) Hustle when you have to
30) Keep it light ~ don’t be burdened by your passions