Super September 20 day Challenge


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No matter which hemisphere you are in, the seasons they are a’changing. To help with this process I am collaborating with my yoga studio, SomaChi, to offer members a little something to ease them from winter into spring. However, my daily inspirational love bombs will be just as helpful and timely for moving from summer days to autumn.

Sign up for the 20 days of love and goodness direct to your inbox for only $20 – Aussie dollars that is, which for UK friends is around £11, bargain!

Simply fill in your name and email address and comment ‘I’m in’ and hit the Buy Now button.

A dollar a day for 20 daily love bombs full of inspiration on how to kick start creating your little empire of goodness.

Looking forward to showing you how in three weeks you can create your own little empire of goodness.

See you on the 22nd September for Day One!

Big love,
Jo x

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