Happy and Healthy – part 2

happy-and-healthyThis post was originally written for, and appears on, the Loving Earth website.

We at Loving Earth are thrilled to be supporting FebFast-ers throughout the month of February as they change, not only their lives, but the lives of all those who are supported by YoDAA.

We finish up with our final five top tips on how to lead a happy AND healthy life.


When in the grip of a craving, distraction is the name of the game. Go for a walk, brew a cup of tea, or phone a friend for a chat. Cravings are only going to last a short time, so have faith that you will come out the other side with a renewed sense of achievement.

Crowd Out

If you are full of delicious, healthy alternatives, you simply won’t have room for that secret square of chocolate. The premise is if you are satisfied and have given your body all the nutrients that it needs you won’t be able to fit another bit in. Try also finding new flavour combos, perhaps ginger and lemon, mint and cucumber, or even a handful of berries added to soda water can truly make all the difference.

Reframe reward

We tend to view alcohol or sugary treats as exactly that; treats, or rewards. If you can reframe how you celebrate or let your hair down after a long day, you’ll rewire that automatic reach for the biscuit tin or wine rack. Try running a bath, reading a book, baking some treats to take into work the next day, or even buying yourself or someone you love a bunch of flowers to enjoy.

Get some support

We can’t make lasting change by ourselves, well, we can but it is so much harder and half as much fun than if you rope in friends and family to help you reach your goal. Either enrol them into joining you so you have a ‘partner-in-crime’, or ask them to be your cheerleaders when you’ve hit some of your smaller targets, or simply a friendly ear to share how you are finding the whole experience.

Keep motivated

Motivating yourself to stick to your guns when the novelty of a new adventure has worn off can be tough. By posting up reminders either on post-it notes, as your computer screen saver, or even putting regular reminders in your phone. Having something to remind you of why you’re doing this in the first place is always inspiring.

Above all else though, it’s important to have fun. FebFast has created a whole community for you to get to know and share your journey with. Enjoy your every step and remember to be proud of all the good you have done for such an amazing cause.

Happy and Healthy – part 1


This post was originally written for, and appears on, the Loving Earth website.

We at Loving Earth are pretty passionate about experimenting. We love a challenge and finding new ways of doing things, alternative processes, and embarking on on-going journeys of improvement.

Which is why we’re happy to be supporting FebFast-ers throughout the month of February. We wanted to share what we believe are the top ten tips to making lasting change to lead, yes both, a happy AND healthy life. Here are our first five.

Start small

The delicious anticipation of turning over a new leaf can be a tempting time to get carried away. Suddenly you are learning a new language, running your first marathon and giving up sugar and booze all at once! If you start small and take it one day, or even hour at a time, it’s simpler to remember that you have a choice and renew your commitment to change as you go.


The best of intentions can often fall by the wayside because we’ve been caught out. It comes in handy to think about your blind spots, or when you know your will power bucket is getting empty. Be prepared for a 10am teatime treat and the 3pm office chocolate run by making your own. If you know you can’t say no to post work drink, maybe plan to do something else with your best mate, or book to go camping for the weekend. Getting out of your routines will help keep you on track.

Be kind

Sometimes falling off the wagon is all part of the process. If you have a slip up, or are feeling like it’s all a bit much, then don’t give into the negative self talk afterward. Accept it for what it was; a blip, and move on. Forgiving yourself and realising that you are not your actions or emotions gives you some much needed space to get back on the horse.


When you are detoxing, it can be a physically tiring process…your body is going to go bananas having the chance to do that bit of internal ‘spring cleaning’ which means giving your body plenty of time to do its thing. Sleep and keeping hydrated are going to be your allies in riding the cravings out, and really noticing the benefits of not indulging in sweet treats and alcohol at every offer.

Get on the ‘No’ train

Making a shift in your usual behaviour is a sure fire way to get those closest to you to start piping up with their pennies worth. You making a stand truly holds’ a mirror up to others and it isn’t always a comfortable sight. Remember that declining an invitation, or refusing a piece of Julie’s birthday cake, isn’t going to see the end of a friendship. Learning to be better self-expressed and realise your own wants and desires is all part of the detoxing process. Embrace the freedom of the full sentence ‘NO’.

Find out our final five tips later on in the month, as well as tasty recipes that will give you some inspiration in the kitchen this month.