Why switching to a natural deodorant is a good idea

This post was originally written for, and appears on, The Botanical Store blog.

Is There A Natural Deodorant That Actually Works?

We’ve all spent our fair share of time on public transport or a night on a dance floor and known that our fellow humans were among us simply by scent alone, and in my youth I was so paranoid of smelling that I would use a roll on and an aerosol deodorant (I know!) but surely there must be a happy place in between chemical annihilation and clearing a one-metre radius everywhere you go.

Enter the natural deodorant!

Now some work better than others and we’re pretty sure to have cracked the winning formula here at The Botanical Store.

So let’s break it down…

Antiperspirants are designed to block your pores and stop you from sweating, this isn’t a good thing because  we need to sweat to regulate our temperature. Deodorant prevents bacteria from mixing with the sweat and creating a smell or odor. Harsh chemicals used to do this though are thought to cause other health problems later down the line (you can read more here.)

So to save the day is the natural deodorant – one that allows you to sweat, keeps the natural bacteria that live on your skin alive and keep you smelling fresh, and the bad bacteria out!

We find it’s the perfect balance of natural oils that nourish the underarm and odor-eating, natural ingredient hero – bicarbonate soda (some people may be sensitive though so always do a patch test and make sure it’s suitable for you). As well as the power houses Lavender and Lemon essential oil for more antibacterial action.

Blended with other high performing plant-based ingredients a paste is created that a pea-sized amount under each arm should see you scent free all day. Of course if you’re exercising at the gym, hitting the dance floor, presenting that big pitch at work or raising your heart rate in anyway, a second application may be needed.

All our deodorants are in a 120ml jar that is made to be refilled when you’re finished.

Grab yourself one in our online store here or pop into store to find out more and grab a jar for yourself!

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