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I offer:


One-off power hours for $80 or £40

Three month coaching for $600 or £300

Six month coaching for $1100 or £550

The format of these sessions can vary depending on what we uncover from your initial phone call or Skype session. This may include movement or energy healing, both in session and after as homework or follow up.


Initial session (75 minutes) for $100

Follow up sessions (60 minutes) for $80


Private yoga class (60 minutes) for $90


I  develop programmes for brands of all sizes that focuses on team and brand communication, creating a healthy culture, and reconnecting with creativity for better productivity


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For an initial 30 minute call to assess which avenue you are looking to work with me on please email on or call me on 0435782486.


Sunday Sermon


image credit by bamsesayaka on Flickr

Which I guess is related to the larger umbrella of lack of outward thinking and perspective. I would love to change peoples view of the world, how they see themselves, and operate in it. I’d love to see people realise their potential and regain their relationship with nature. So often we can go entire days, or weeks even, without connecting to the natural world. That nature and greenery stand out so much in a city; a habitat most of us dwell in these days, speaks of the power it holds when trees and plants are they thing that you connect to most. If I could, I would make people spend 20 minutes outside every day, doing nothing more than simply being outside and really looking at the world around them.