Top tips for happy skin this autumn

This post was originally written for, and appears on, The Botanical Store blog.

Our skin needs different things at different stages of life; the skin you had as a teenager won’t be the same in your 30’s, if you are pregnant, or if you are over 50. Environmental factors also play a part, as does diet – the food we eat is what we are made of and our skin is one of the places that dietary issues will show up. The changing seasons also mean a change in how we need to look after our skin.

The unpredictability of the weather can mean that one day it’s humid and raining and the next it’s bright and cold, with everything in between (especially if you’re in Melbourne!).

Below are our top tips for happy skin as we embrace autumn.

Cleanse – we know that this may seem obvious, but it’s the first line in creating healthy skin. If you live in a city, wear make up or exercise daily, then removing all the dirt and debris that your skin picks up through out the day is essential. A small amount of oil cleanser will go that extra step in feeding the skin microbiome and not stripping it away of naturally occurring oils. TOP TIP – remove cleanser with a wet cotton pad or warm wash cloth for a thorough clean feeling. Check out our blog on why you should switch to an oil cleanser.

Exfoliate – now this is something that is easy to let slip as it takes a little more prep and planning but a once weekly or fortnightly clay mask is our second secret weapon. Try a gentle pink or yellow clay mask on a Sunday evening after washing your face. Take one teaspoon of clay mixed with water to a consistency you’re happy with and apply to your face with clean finger tips or a clean make up brush. TOP TIP – only let the clay dry to 60% dry. Any longer and the clay will start taking moisture out of the skin. The clay is a gentle chemical exfoliant so you want your skin to feel hydrated and plump once removed with a warm wash cloth. If you feel taut or tight the clay has been left on too long.

Tone – you can also tone in between steps one and two as well, but using a floral toner will help remove any residual clay. It is also said to close the pores and refresh the skin. TOP TIP – leave your toner to dry a little on your face before applying a face oil – your oil will go further.

Oil – the active ingredients in face oils such as rosehip, evening primrose and carrot seed oil help the skin regenerate and protect against environmental wear and tear. A rich or light oil or serum can be used under a face cream or make up, if you wear it, as the ultimate nourishing skin food barrier, particularly good for changeable weather and going from heated or air conditioned environments to outside. TOP TIP – apply using your finger tips so it’s not absorbed into your hands. If you have a crystal face roller now is the time to use it as it’s thought to help products absorb into the skin more deeply.

Cream – if you prefer the feeling of a cream then look for one that is easily absorbed and hydrating. Adding an eye cream will also help nourish and soften the delicate skin around the eye. Cucumber seed oil helps hydrate and replenishes elasticity. TOP TIP – use the pad of the ring finger on your left hand to apply eye cream in small dots. It has the gentlest pressure out of all our fingers.

As you may know our skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs everything that we put on it so using organic, minimal products is essential.

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