Courage is creativity

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I quote this from a dear friend of mine who said this. It’s a tool to use when the gremlins of self-doubt and fear pipe up, to which you simply respond ‘I call bullshit.’.

Short, to the point and just the tonic to silence those pesky voices of negativity.

I also love it because it really rings true. This very week in fact I had a wobble…one that was about the usual wobbly things…you know, money (lack of), direction (lack of), feeling like a failure/ imposter (in abundance). Because what would I have to offer anyone? Little old me. And then this little sentence popped up…’I CALL BULLSHIT’.

Effective no?

The truth is no matter how shit we think we are, or how small we feel like playing it, there is something so much bigger than our fear out there; our courage.

Courage is not being showy or false, it is not putting on a mask and ignoring intuition. Courage is knowing that we are imperfect beings with huge limitations BUT also infinite possibility. It’s about calling bullshit on those gremlins and going out there and beaming your light for all to see as brightly as you can.

Sometimes we nail it, other times we don’t, the courage comes from trying, playing around, mixing it up and experimenting some more and then trying again.

Beyond where we thought we could go and where we actually can is where the good stuff lies.

Courage is creativity.

Creativity is our own unique expression of how we see the world. And that only comes around once. Make it count.

Want know more about how I can help you to tell your Gremlins to do one? Or how we can dig deep and find some creative tinder…and maybe even some courage? Comment “BALLS PLEASE” below…

Shine on.



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