Timing is everything…

Hello old friends, or maybe some of you are new.

It’s been a while…and by a while, I mean a good few years.

As seems to be have been a trend of annus horriblis 2016, 2017, 2018, who was I but to follow suit.

A break up, a bout of glandular fever, and then visa waiting limbo, it feels like 2019 has finally been the break in the clouds, the sun has popped out and I’m kind of left wondering…well, just wondering.

Wondering what to do next, wondering what the next move should be, wondering if I’ll ever nail not succumbing to carbs on Saturday nights (no I know, I won’t, I’m OK with that, because…CARBS people.)

And I feel I’ve come a little bit of a full circle. I’ve taken a couple of run ups at this blog/business/brand/idea, and the intention is always there but then, well, you know, life.

But now, after deciding to leave my lovely job of the last four years, I’m now thinking that Moloko may just have been right…the time really could be now.

Look, the last three years haven’t been all bad. I became a yoga teacher, I learnt reiki, I gained a nephew, I gained a family of friends, I’ve travelled, I’ve done some pretty fun stuff.

And I’m at an age (33 and proud of the silver threads I’m earning on the daily) where I know a bit too much and the hiding places are getting fewer, or at least smaller.

So I guess this is a blog to say, I’m back.


How are you?

How have your last three years been? Let me know…I need inspiration for these musings so if I can chuck in my pennies worth on helping out, then I want to.

So what do you want to know/hear/see/think/feel? Comment below, or pop me an email on jolippold@hotmail.co.uk.

Love x

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