Loving life in the USA – Austin, Texas

Austin-TexasThis post was originally written for, and appears on, the Loving Earth blog.

What a month it’s been!

We’ve been on the road in ‘Merica for most of September and loving It! By planes, trains ubers and rental cars we’ve been hanging out in New York, Texas & LA, talking to people & eating loads of chocolate.

We launched Loving Earth into US stores at the beginning of this year, with distributors and retailers jumping on board from New York, LA, Portland and Texas. It’s been a bit surreal and so exciting to see ourselves on the US shelves, especially in Whole Foods Market in Texas.

One city that stole all our hearts a little bit was Austin, Texas.

Check out our top Austin tips below…

It’s a great mixture of heart and hustle and the best taco’s we’ve ever had! Check out our top places and picks to check out if you’re in the area – stay weird!

Eat Curcuma
A trip out to East Austin has to include a stop at this Ayurvedic, 100% plant-based food truck stop. We had the kitchari and a immunity tonic shot. Exactly what we needed after a long flight.

Take Heart Shop
We fell in love with this beautiful boutique full of Japanese ceramics, hand rolled incense and beautiful jewellery. It was hard not to buy the shop…and it’s next door to a great vintage store.


Black Swan Yoga
In desperate need of a stretch? We floated out of Black Swan on a cloud. The team are charming and encouraging and the space is a low lit haven that was perfect for a before-bed flow.

Outdoor Voices
We’d been fans of Ty Haney’s active wear brand before we even visited Austin. Sustainably sourced and a great range of styles and designs, moving never felt so good, or stylish.


If you’re on the hunt for something sweet, then it’d be rude not to stop by Nadamoo for a scoop of coconut ice cream. The chocolate peanut butter won it for us… 

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