Well hello there…cuppa?

As the wise, well known English philosopher Julie Andrews once sang ‘let’s start at the very beginning’. Not wanting to go up  against such a heavy-weight mastermind but I’m actually going to start at the sort of beginning. As in four months into the beginning. Fear not, I will reveal all the juicy stories from the past and how the beginning came to happen, but for now let’s just get cracking with what is happening right here, right now.
I have a dirty secret; one I have flirted with in the past and come back to with half arsed enthusiasm to overcome over the last 16 years but this time it’s serious and I just need to get it out there, let it breathe and deal with it. Here goes….
I am incredibly lazy.
Where some people’s natural setting is to ‘go’ mine is to ‘stop’; their’s is to ‘do’ mine is normally to ‘not’. If I were a superhero my name would be Lazy Girl and my power would be the ability to do bugger all…apart from maybe knock back a glass of red wine.
Now this isn’t for all aspects of life, or all the time (the laziness, not the drinking), however as a natural default it pretty much is. I could use the excuse that I come from a lovely but lazy family, however I think it has more to do with sometimes simply not being arsed and instead embarking on a decadent expanse of time by doing sweet FA. Or possibly that it’s WAY easier to do nothing and find it hard (you mean I’m not a prima ballerina after ONE CLASS? THAT’s IT *flourishes out, tutu quaking behind*) or to find that after three months that you’re…well…bored to tears and some other shiny new interest has taken you’re fancy and is courting you into believing that it is THE ONE for you (aerial acrobatics anyone?No?)
This may not be the most conventional opening to a blog that will primarily focus on health, wellbeing, a bit of mind, body, soul and a little sprinkling of cliches (a little goes a long way) and generally finding inspiration to make the effort NOT to be lazy and resort to my natural setting. A bit of me and where I’m coming from, stuff I like and my pennies worth on what is going on out there in the outside world.
I’m NOT going to be larking around with conventional ‘programmes’/regimes/schedules/diet plans and anything that promises to be something it’s not or anything other than a fancy-pants way of dressing up ‘everything in moderation; including moderation itself’.
It won’t be easy I’m sure but I’m determined to have a damn good time doing it, with hopefully a smile on my face for the most part, learn some new stuff, cross somethings off the like-to-do list and most probably a hell of a lot off the don’t-like-to-do list. I’m in it for the long haul…doing it the SLOW way…steady and all that (thanks for the inspiration Mr Tortoise – you rock)
To finish I’d like to round up with the infamous North American philosopher, Whoopi Goldberg, who also I believe once sang ‘If you want to be somebody and you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention’.
Consider, Ms Goldberg, your challenge accepted.

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