Photo Credit Mark Lobo
Photo Credit Mark Lobo

Welcome to WoW!

It has been quite a fun yet challenging road to get to this point. I don’t think anyone probably ever feels ‘ready’ to launch a business or set something up for themselves, however just getting started and learning by doing seems to be a sure fire way to creating something…even if it’s not perfect.

It takes courage to expose a part of yourself and hold it up for others to see, to hopefully celebrate but possibly judge. For me, I think it is about doing it anyway, overcoming the fear and realising that the worse that can happen is you learn something.

It also takes courage to reach out and ask others for support; for help in setting off and continuing on your journey. Realising that we, as human beings, aren’t made to do things on our own all the time. Sure pursuing solo ventures and taking time for yourself is one thing, but I am a true believer that two heads are better than one and that no man is an island.

I hope to help people take that first step of their journey.

To help them to take the time that they need and deserve; to get them their health back – both mind and body.

I will be running group workshops and talks in the near future so please check back for details.

In the mean time, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat about what I do and how I could potentially help you

Dive deep, dream big.

Jo x

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