Angela, Melbourne/Netherlands

I underwent the three-month program with Jo. The sessions were a highlight of my fortnight and I always really looked forward to chatting with Jo. Being able to meet in person, or chat online made the program incredibly suitable to fit around a busy lifestyle.
Jo always struck just the right note between empathy and pragmatism. Her understanding of the issues I was struggling with and her practical advice, helped me to understand the connect between my emotions and my eating patterns. I’m now much better equipped to help myself if I see I’m heading off track.
You won’t go wrong if you choose to help yourself by working with Jo!

Adam, Melbourne

Jo Lippold…
Why choose her ??
When I started my journey with Jo ( and what a fantastic journey it was) I was really unsure what I wanted I had a brief idea..weight loss etc. but what I got out of it was so much more.
I had been so sick and on so many prescription pills and was stuck in a rut. But from day one Jo made me see that if I wanted to change I needed to make these changes my self.
Yes there is a nutritional element to the coaching sessions which is amazing and I did loose 8kg but there is so much more to it!
I was a stress head and I am still a stress head! But now I’m a happy stress head and understand why I stress and how to not stress, if that makes sense?
I can summarise how Jo Lippold coaching will make you feel in 5 words!
Happier, relaxed, accomplished, loved, confident. All of which I struggled with before hand!
Jo Lippold you are such a positive rock in my life, such an amazing person and I couldn’t picture myself the way I am now with out your help in that process!
Thank you!